Turnbull's Orgasm Diary

This blog is dedicated to brief descriptions of my orgasms and the immediate circumstances surrounding them. I am a white, American male in my mid-thirties.

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2/21/14 1:45 AM

Immorallive had another great show lined up so I switch it on. New slutlette Blake Lovely, barely half a year into the industry, was there mixing it up with veteran Adriana Chechic, the two taking turns engulfing Dan’s dip stick. After Dan spent the girls asked their audience what they want to see and someone, an absolute fucking genius, had the idea to put Lovely on the Sybian. “What’s a Sybian?” Lovely asked with innocent doe eyes fluttering at the camera. Dan, armed as he is with an arsenal of erotic equipment, happily obliged, positioned the machine and coaxing her onto it. Then, ever so gently, he held her down as Chechic operated the controls. Lovely’s mouthwatering hesitance, yet naively open, curious attitude created a spectacle for the Sub/Dom enthusiast in us all, and she really ground down, showing the world she could take it. Phew!

After another break stunt cock Scott Lyons shows up with Jennifer White and Charity Bangs (who I was unfamiliar with). I immediately started looking up Bangs’ work on 4tube! What a beautifully talented coquette, what lips, what eyes, and her body! Mm mm MMM!

Anyway Chechic joined White and Bangs and the brunette tri-fuckathon began. These three had incredible chemistry and energy, like enthusiastic, no holds barred sluts at a slumber party dreamed up by the reincarnation of John Wilmot (Dan is a likely candidate). They were creatively open, constantly active and almost trying to outdo one another. At one point Lyons had the idea to stack their pussies, doggie style and he proceeded to fuck each fleshy, sweat speckled rump from top to bottom and back. It was like something out of 120 Days of Sodom. In between fucking the girls chatted, laughed, and discussed whatever came to mind. Their fun, natural social interaction tore down the plastic walls that funnel popular porn into by-the-numbers fap-food (like fast food, get it!). The girls were all very receptive to the chat and at one point it came up that they had all been cheerleaders. Dan, ever the prop artist, had some cheerleading costumes just laying around, apparently, so the girls suited up and begin asking the fans for cheers. “Gimme a C… Gimme a O… Gimme a C… etc. You get the idea.

I was having so much fun that I decided to do something better with my cum than just spill it in my lap and write about it later. I fetched a black plate and laid it on my keypad, stood up and unholstered my cellphone. I decided I would try to cum with Lyons, who’d requested a facial. Cechic happily laid back on the bed, exposing her sexy face and neck, opening her beautiful mouth and eyes in a practice receptivity. As she coaxed him, and me, to climax I tried to steady the phone as it recorded the moment. I shot just after Lyons, saying “oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah” as I neared the cliff. Three wonderful jets of goo glazed the plate as my spine crumbled and my mind snapped.

2/19/14 11:45 PM

Not a very interesting search. I end up coming to a brazzers vid of Aletta Ocean taking a nice facial from Kieran Lee a restroom somewhere in Europe. It’s a nice load and a satisfying feeling.

2/17/14 1:13 AM

Since New Years I’ve been fucking someone that I’m not very physically attracted to. We’ll call her W. I remembered in ‘My Secret Life’ that Walter would dive into situations not immediately arousing to him, trusting himself to generate arousal from the strangeness, lust from his own, affected situational awareness. Anyway, W and I have been fucking about once a week for the past month and half. I had a busy Sunday ahead of me so I texted her to see if we could hook up. She was on her period though, but texted that she was willing to service me anyway. We texted back and forth as I worked on various chores and errands throughout the day. They’re published at the url listed below.  She was off doing something until midnight when she finally arrived at my front door and we fell upon each other instantly. After some fondling she kneeled down and began mouthing my length. She said she missed my dick. I asked her to keep talking to me. She said she wanted me to drown her in my cum. I aligned her on a chair and fucked her plump tits for a bit and then pulled her back onto the ground, I was ready to fire. My legs strained to pump more blood into my shaft and I communicated what I needed; her eyes on me, hands hoisting her breasts, lips closed and pouted. Her eyes, lips, breasts - aligned, foreshortened, filling my view; her eyes, lips, breasts… her eyes, lips, breasts….  her breasts…. her eyes…. her lips.

The thought erasing jolt of loin induced elation coexisted with the conscious desire to aim and ingrain. A generous gush of pearly barm engulfed her lips and her chin, chased by some lighter, arching, clear jets across her left and right cheeks. I exhaled deeply, never blinking, uttering “oh my god, fuck yes, fuck yes.” My load filed the gap between her lips like a milky oasis, overflowing and cascading down her neck. She knelt there, frozen, almost paralyzed by my cum. I did my best to express how much I loved what she did for me, how she kept her blue eyes staring at me. How her face became the inspiration and the vessel for the proof of my ecstasy.

When I live out this fantasy I can’t help but compare it to the countless professionally executed facials I’ve seen in porn, which have, through my obsession with them, created my desire to manifest this fetish in my waking life itself. I’ve only given a few dozen facials to a handful of girls and very few as well lighted and choreographed as this one; we were arranged right in front of the desk where I jerk off to videos on a nightly basis. I can’t clearly remember any of these facials; last nights is already fading, but such is the fragility of memory. Fetish, on the other hand, does not relinquish its hold after it’s sated, it embeds and emboldens itself.

I think W gets it though. She follows my instructions, allows me to prepare and seems to understand that the gross physicality of it turns me on; the position, the flesh, the proximity of sensitive areas, the gaze, the sensation mapped to the seat of her personality. She seems incredibly eager to please and willing to experiment, which is why I find her attractive. And she has territories I’ve promised to help her explore as well.


2/16/14 2:55 AM

While putting the finishing touches on my last post I get horny again (this could turn into a cyclical sort of thing, post then shoot, post then shoot, post then shoot, ad infinitum). I go to my usual stomping grounds but again there’s nothing really new or stimulating. I resolve to look for more Kiera Kane. I find a great  Brazzers video and download it. Kiera King and Erik Everhard trade some awkwardly acted dialogue in lab coats and proceed to fuck the dickens out of one another. Its a really steamy scene and I allow it to play out, not skipping to the end to see if the pop is worth while. It is. King coaxes Everhard to cum on her “pretty little face” (I will never get tired of hearing that) and he delivers, glazing her chin and cheeks as she coos the cum out of his cock! I shoot a healthy load of marble goo onto my hand as I exclaim, “Perfect, perfect, perfect.”

2/15/14 3:54 AM

A quick spank-break was all I’d intended, but having recently joined Immoral Live and seeing that a live show was happening I threw caution to the wind and joined in the fun. This was the first time I’ve ever viewed a live show, and there to pop my cherry were Jennifer White, Richelle Ryan and Brianna Brooks, servicing three fans who’d won a competition to be on the show.  First off, FUCK ME, what an incredible line up of lovely ladies and lucky dudes. Besides their slutsational performances, I found the experience of vicarious, live, chat friendly porn to be bone-numbingly erotic.  It was great to have the show running, wank ready, on my browser while I searched elsewhere for other stimulation during the inevitable lulls. Don’t get me wrong though, I loved that they took frequent breaks to “water the horses,” so to speak, giving me a chance to search other sites for more work by the stars or engage them in live-chat. These breaks also helped to reveal the technical logistics of filming porn, the seesawing of screen-presence and physical strain on the performers’ bodies. Sometimes you could even hear industry conversation in the background. This gave the show the quality of a behind the scenes video and heightened the already sizzling mystique of voyeurism. Add to this an atmosphere of unpredictability, like when the fan from Missouri began throat fucking the living shit out of the talent… nervous laughter, looks off camera, etc. and what you have is an incredibly fun, highly charged socio-sexual cocktail. AND lets not forget the chat option, the fact that the performers can interact with wanking hundreds, even in this limited way, includes the anonymous masses in a semi-intimate, but still incredibly distanced, scopophilic relay.  Jennifer White seemed to really soak this up, understanding fully the enjoyment the ‘audience’ gets when she answers simple questions, or responds to comments, “No Deveria, I’ve never played D&D.”

I digress, suffice to say, the show was incredible. I didn’t squirt to it though, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it, or that I won’t cum back for more.

On to the gory details: While searching for more on Brianna Brooks I ran across Kiera King, new to me. As the Immoral Live show wrapped up I found a First Class POV video of King slobbing nob and tit-fucking an anonymous organ and spent to that. A slightly opaque, watery cum, built up through four hours worth of plateaus, sprayed in 8 jets, about 2’ in the air and splashed my hand, pants and sweater.

2/14/14 5:15 PM

While working from home I get the urge and begin stroking. I start with 3dx usual suspects but there’s nothing new. I go to manojobs and eventually find a Haley Cummings video. I experience a solid, deep cum, but my head is somewhat numbed from excess jerking last night. My load sprays onto my hand and a bit lands on my sweater.

2/14/14 4:19 am

I’m up late and begin binging around midnight. I start by searching the usual 3d porn terrain. I always hope there’s something new and fresh out there, something amazing but unfortunately the pace of 3dx production is fairly slow - at least the production of quality work that satisfies my particular tastes. I remember the artist Rock Club, who is from japan and go to Affect3D to find links. On to pixvid.net and I find a lot of images I’ve never seen, but few facials. I then began to work on other stuff, holstering my piece. Eventually 4 am rolls around and I decide I should pop or go to bed. I go over manojobs but my computer to slow so I turn to my archive. I remember a Brooklyn Chase video from Massage Parlor HD where Brooklyn plays a naive virgin. Her reaction to the pop is one of enthusiastic surprise… HOLY SHIT; luckily I have this scene archived. I pop with the male talent and utter “fucking look at her” as my seed, geyser-like, arcs into the air and splashes my hand.

2/13/14 1:32 AM

I guess now it’s time to take up the mantle again. After a 17 month hiatus I’ve decided to post to this blog again. I can’t explain why its been so long, or why my interest in this process (project?) has been renewed; I didn’t stop stroking to porn or having sex, but suffice to say I’m back. I’m sure there are a myriad of reasons but now is not the place and here is certainly not the time.

I’ve been stroking at my desk in my bedroom lately; cruising my trusty laptop, and today was no different. I started with my usual haunts but didn’t find anything of use so I went to some 3DX sites, which I’ve been checking with greater frequency over the past year. I’m a devout fan of 3DX now. There’s an essay brewing somewhere on how it might shape our socio-erotic future but that’s probably for another blog. That aside, I love to get going with 3DX and finish with traditional video.

Anyway, I end up at Manojobs, where I recently got a membership. I’ve been going through their archive and downloading every popshot that turns me on, which is probably over half of them. I absolutely LOVE how they’re filmed and best of all, they’re consistent - like Law and Order consistent; simple POV (or 3/4 view), eyes open, hand-job to cum with a healthy veneer of dirty talk.  I’m on page 45 of their 125 page archive (6 vids per archive), so roughly 750 vids in all. Yep, that’s right… going through them one by one, I’m fucking hooked.

I start with Madelyn Monroe (amazing!), move on to a few others and then get to a Taylor Tilden video. Whoa! Her face reminds me a bit of Devon, and she has that self-possessed awareness of how beautiful she is - like runway model beautiful, but she still actually performs. I immediately begin searching her on fantasti.cc, 4tube and other sites to find all of her finishes. I quest further and within an hour I have a pretty good collection of her best facials. One, an Anabolic vid, was set to download for an hour so I return to Manojobs to spank away the time; Gia Steele’s graceful hands, Jennifer White’s fucking sublime… well, everything, Kimberly Kane’s epic, soul-crushing dirty talk and on and on.

The Anabolic Tilden finally downloads. The video, which was shot in a skateboard park, features rapacious editing, a muzak-metal soundtrack that muted the performers’ voices, and, thank-fucking-fully, Taylor Tilden.  I came with the male talent, sloshing a wettish load onto my hand and shirt.

deeperthanbooty asked: Hey friendo, although I enjoy reading your posts today, do you write about anything but your orgasms? You an above average writer by far and maybe some different subject material could be interesting as well.

Calvin,  thanks for the compliment.  I am trying to write some erotica now and then, although my work and other social obligations keep me incredibly busy.  There are links through my tumbler to patasitions, where some of the erotica stuff gets posted, but as you can see I’ve been incredibly lax.  This blog is really an experiment.  I’ve missed quite a few shots since August, rest assured but maybe its time to take up the mantel again. 

8/2/12 2:35 AM

I download a virtual sex simulator called 3Dgirlz and transfer it using my external hard drive to my Dell.  I arrange myself in my living room in a comfy chair, my Dell on my lap.  The rendering in the game is incredibly papery and the movement is awkward.  You can control the camera angles, zoom in and out, switch to POV view and control when your character cums (once you’ve spent 15 minutes building up a cum icon, by switching positions etc.).  There is also a manual mode where you control the thrusting and pumping of the male talent (or female talent in hand-job and blowjob modes).  All this increased interactivity decreases the visual quality of the game.  I suffer through this, determined to cum anyway.  I maneuver the girl into a titty fuck position and the camera into POV.  You have to be in manual mode to cum, so I use the touch pad to thrust the male characters penis between her tits… the rendering is poor and there is collision damage, the penis disappears or breaks up as it gyrates between her wobbly, poorly animated tits.  Eventually I fill the cum icon.  I get close myself and time it so that I cum with the male character.  A poorly rendered blort of what looks like cottage cheese suddenly appears over her lips.  I pump a watery built up load onto my hand, which splashes the touch pad and my belly.